All of these projects can be found on my GitHub page, and most are MIT licensed.

Transit trackers

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Central Ohio Transit Authority

Back in 2009 I wrote a real-time vehicle tracker for the MBTA bus system. I’ve updated it over the years to cover buses, subways, commuter rail, and ferries. When COTA announced real-time tracking of their buses, I implemented it as well.

More background on it can be found in this post.

Home automation

I’ve written a few tools and services for home automation, mostly using hc, which is an Apple HomeKit Accessory Protocol implementation written in Go.

A library and command-line utility for the Nissan Leaf Carwings API.

HomeKit support for the Leaf, built on my carwings library.

A library and command-line utility for the Nissan Leaf North American NissanConnect API, which is different from the older Carwings API.

HomeKit support for the Leaf, built on my leaf library.

A library and command-line utility for the Chamberlain / LiftMaster MyQ API.

HomeKit support for MyQ devices, built on my MyQ library.

HomeKit support for Belkin Wemo devices

HomeKit support for TP-Link Kasa devices

HomeKit support for Roku devices with the External Control Protocol

A HomeKit switch for quickly enabling/disabling AdGuard Home protection.

HomeKit support and a Prometheus exporter for Powerley Energy Bridge devices. These devices are typically branded by the local energy utility, eg. “AEP Energy Bridge” or “DTE Energy Bridge”.

A Prometheus exporter for Tripp Lite UPSes over USB HID.

A fun home electronics project to expose two thermistors as temperature sensor accessories, built on a Raspberry Pi using Gobot and HomeKit.

Go tools and packages

I’ve written a handful of tools for Go programmers. This is not an exhaustive list.

A package for populating structs from environment variables using struct tags.

A tool for extracting text from Go source code using specially tagged Go comments. I’ve found this very helpful for building HTTP API documentation, which doesn’t fit well into the existing godoc system.

A stab at the Go generics problem by writing a code transformation tool. Because Rob Pike told me to do that, sorta.

A command-line tool for printing simple numerical statistics.

A Go package wrapping Linux’s SO_PEERCRED socket option on Unix domain sockets.

Other stuff

Things I’ve worked on for previous jobs and that are now mostly ignored.

Jenkins integration with GitHub pull requests, before that was an easy thing to do.

A Docker micro-platform-as-a-service. These days it’s called “service orchestration.” I gave a lightning talk on this at GopherCon 2015.