COTA Tracker


COTA provides real-time tracking of its buses.

This is a little mashup which takes that data from COTA and plots it on Google Maps. Choose a route from the pull down menu below and markers will appear with the latest locations of its buses. Markers will update with the latest information from COTA every 10 seconds. Click on a stop marker to see predictions for when the next vehicle will arrive.

On the backend is a small Go server that is populated with COTA’s GTFS data, and updates vehicle and prediction data from COTA’s GTFS-Realtime feed. The front-end is the same amateur 2009-era JavaScript that powers the MBTA edition.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email or tweet them to me.

This was based on a similar mashup I made for the MBTA back in 2009. The first version of this for COTA was released on 1 June 2016, shortly after COTA made the data available.