About me

I am a principal software engineer at Fastly, where I work on our TLS infrastructure. I enjoy the challenges of its massive scale on a globally distributed system.

Before that, I worked at Scout Exchange managing DevOps and ETL, at litl as software team lead for backend software, at ITA Software on operations infrastructure and tools, and at Ximian and Novell on Linux desktop and software management systems.

I am a member of the Association for Computing Machinery and subscribe to its Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

I have contributed to many open source projects over the years. Much of my more recent work can be found on my GitHub page. Earlier I worked on large open source projects like GNOME, Mono, and D-Bus.

My MBTA transit and COTA bus trackers are Google Maps mashups for tracking buses, subways, commuter rail trains and ferries using real-time data provided by those transit authorities.

I live in Columbus, OH with my wife and kids.

I love curling and am a member of the Columbus Curling Club. I’m also an avid hockey fan who pledges allegience to the Boston Bruins and Columbus Blue Jackets.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter or by email.


See my projects page.


Some presentations I have given over the years:

Concurrency in Go
22 October 2016
Columbus Code Camp

Galaxy: Uber Heroku, but for Docker Containers
10 July 2015
GopherCon 2015 lightning talk

Go for Pythonistas
23 February 2015
Central Ohio Python Users Group meeting

Introduction to Go
11 October 2014
Columbus Code Camp

Beagle: Free and Open Desktop Search
26 May 2006
GUADEC 2006: Vilanoa i la Geltrú, Spain

Too Many Metas: A high level look at building a metadata desktop
17 July 2007
GUADEC 2007: Birmingham, UK